So we have to use the block-migrate flag in the live-migrate command set.
Also which is the minimum libvirt version that support this. We use

Thanks for the pointer to the patch. I will check that out.


On 2/21/14, 9:38 AM, "Joe Gordon" <> wrote:

>On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 9:01 PM, Sangeeta Singh <>
>> Hi,
>> At my organization we do not use a shared storage for VM disks  but
>>need to
>> evacuate VMs  from a HV that is down or having problems to another HV.
>> evacuate command only allows the evacuated VM to have the base image.
>>What I
>> am interested in is to create a snapshot of the VM on the down HV and
>> be able to use the evacuate command by specifying the snapshot for the
>> image.
>libvirt supports live migration without any shared storage. TripleO
>has been testing it out using this patch
>> Has anyone had such a use case? Is there a command that uses snapshots
>> this way to recreate VM on a new HV.
>> Thanks for the pointers.
>> Sangeeta
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