Team -

I've made a list of the reviews associated with bugs and blueprints for
icehouse-3, to make it easier to prioritize them. Some are very close to
being ready to merge, so please take a look through the list for any
changes you haven't already reviewed.


* oslo.db graduation (other db work should probably move to the oslo.db
library repository to let the incubator version of the code stabilize) - Refactor database migration
manager to use given engine - Prevent races in opportunistic db
test cases - Add a base test case for DB
schema comparison

* systemd integration - notify calling process we are
ready to serve

* once-per-request-filters - Allow filters to only run once
per request if their data is static

* lockutils & posix_ipc - Use Posix IPC in lockutils

* notification subscription - Allow to requeue the notification
message - Add multiple exchange per
listerner in fake driver

* Bug: lack of tests for qpid driver - Adds unit test cases to impl_qpid

* Bug: qpid reconnection delay can't be configured - User a more accurate max_delay
for reconnects

* Bug: Misleading warning about MySQL TRADITIONAL mode not being set Introduce a method to set any
MySQL session SQL mode
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