Hi all,

I wanted to send out a quick status update on Congress and start a discussion 
about short-term goals.

1) Logistics

IRC Meeting time
Tuesday 1700 UTC in openstack-meeting-3
Every other week starting Feb 25
(Note this is a new meeting time/location.)

2) We have two design docs, which we would like feedback on.

Toplevel design doc:

Data integration design doc:

3) Short term goals.

I think it's useful to get an end-to-end system up and running to make it 
easier to communicate what we're driving at.  To that end, I'm suggesting we 
take the following policy and build up enough of Congress to make it work.

"Every network connected to a VM must either be public or owned by someone in 
the same group as the VM owner"

This example is compelling because it combines information from Neutron, Nova, 
and Keystone (or another group-management data-source such as ActiveDirectory). 
 To that end, I suggest focusing on the following tasks in the short-term.

- Data integration framework, including read-only support for 
- Exposing policy engine via API
- Policy engine error handling
- Simple scaling tests
- Basic user docs
- Execution framework: it would be nice if we could actually execute some of 
the actions we tell Congress about, but this is lowest priority on the list, 
for me.


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