If I understand your question correctly, the case you describe should be like 
the following:

Assume we have created both an instance and a volume, then we try to  attach 
that volume to the instance.
Before that operation is completed (the status of the volume is "attaching" 
now), for whatever reasons we decide to apply a "force delete" operation on 
that volume.
Then, after we applied that force delete, we come to see that, from the Cinder 
side, the volume has been successfully deleted and the status is surely 
However, from the Nova side, we see that the status of the deleted volume 
remains to be "attaching".

If this is truly your case, I think it is a bug. The reason might lie in that, 
Cinder forgets to refresh the attach_status attribute of a volume in DB when 
applying a "force delete" operation.
Is there any other suggestions?


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Cinder]Do you think volume force delete operation 
should not apply to the volume being used?

Hi stackers:

I found that volume status become inconsistent (nova volume status is 
attaching, verus cinder volume status is deleted) between nova and cinder when 
doing volume force delete operation on an attaching volume.
I think volume force delete operation should not apply to the volume being 
used, which included the attached status of attaching, attached and detached.

How do you think?

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