Hi, SUSE OpenStack developers,

After install OpenStack Havana on SLES 11 SP3 following the
openstack-manuals' guide, I find that the
ceilometer/storage/impl_sqlalchemy.py has implemented the metaquey
functionality. However, the upstream, which means
github.com/openstack/ceilometer stable/havana branch doesn't implement that
feature yet.

the ceilometer package version is 2013.2.2.dev13

Here is my questions:

1. is this intent or just a mistake during package?
    if it is intent, where can I get the distribution release notes?

2. is this the only part which is different with community, or there are
other parts?
    if it is not the only part, where can I get the whole diff note?

3. where can I get help and how, if there is a bug in the different part
    actually, there is one, which caused by mysql foreign key, blocks
entire ceilometer-collector service.

This problem is really important (and a bit urgent), please help me.

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