> Users actually care about the latter. If the API accepts 'red' as a
> valid UUID then that is part of the implicit contract.

Yeah, but right now, many of those things are "would fail on postgres
and succeed on mysql" (not uuids necessarily, but others). Since we
can't honor them in all cases, I don't see the changes (versioned, for
warning) as quite so bad as the alternative. My point was that unless we
decide to stop working on the core, we're going to have minor changes
like that regardless. If we decide to freeze v2 and move to v3, then we
have to basically emulate those bugs _and_ maintain v3. If we version v2
and move forward, we;re in better shape, IMHO.

> If we do go down this route of changing the v2 API like this, it would
> be nice to bump the minor version as well, so when a user has to
> distinguish between the two versions they don't have to say Havana V2
> vs Icehouse V2, they can just say v2.1.

Yes, I'm totally all for introducing versioning into v2. Definitely.


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