So, I have this review [1] which attempts to add support for OpenDaylight
to devstack. What this currently does, in Patch 7, is that it uses the
"extras" functionality of devstack to program the OVS on the host so that
OpenDaylight can control it. On teardown, it does the reverse. Simple and
straightforward. I've received feedback this isn't the correct approach
and that using a plugin approach in lib/neutron_plugin/opendaylight would
be better. I need hooks for when devstack is finished running, and when
unstack is called. Those don't appear in the plugin interface for Neutron
in devstack.

Another point of inconsistency I'd like to bring up is the fact that patches
for Neutron in devstack which propose running an Open Source controller
are being flagged with -1. However, the Ryu plugin is already doing this. I
suspect it was grandfathered in, but it sets an inconsistent precedent here.
I propose we either remove Ryu from devstack, or continue to let other
Open Source SDN controllers run inside devstack. Please see Patch 6
of the review below for the minimal work it took me to add OpenDaylight

Feedback appreciated here, I've been sitting on this devstack patch with
minimal changes for a month. I'm also working with the Linux Foundation
for the 3rd party testing requirements for ODL so the ML2 MechanismDriver
can also go in.


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