On Fri, 2014-02-28 at 00:04 -0800, Taurus Cheung wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on deploying images to bare-metal machines using nova
> bare-metal. After deployment, I would like to deprovision
> ("disconnect") bare-metal nodes from OpenStack controller/compute, so
> these bare-metal nodes can run standalone.
> A typical scenario is that I have a workstation with OpenStack
> controller and nova baremetal compute installed. During bare-metal
> deployment, I plug the workstation into the network. After deployment,
> I disconnect it from the network.
> Is this use-case typical, possible and without side-effect?

I'll be curious to see what other responses you get as I am fairly new
to OpenStack and I find the current behaviour bugged.

My understanding when using the default pxe driver for deployment is
that it will always pxe boot.  The MBR and boot files aren't installed.
So once provisioning is complete the node must remain on the network for
it to continue to boot.  As I understand it this behaviour is also the
default in Ironic.

I'd love to understand why that is considered required behavior as I am
fairly certain a number of enterprise users will not find that
acceptable behavior.  Ideally the image should get customized with the
boot files and an MBR written on install.  When there is no provisioning
work to do the default behaviour IMO should be to fall through to local
booting.  If that were the case your use case would work.

Even better if the platform supports a one time boot option it could be
set to use that when provisioning steps are run.

In any event thats my understanding. I'd love someone else to correct or
confirm it.  And help me understand why thats the default.


> Regards,
> Taurus
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