On 7 March 2014 08:17, Yuzhou (C) <vitas.yuz...@huawei.com> wrote:
>         First, generally, in public or private cloud, the end users of VMs 
> have no right to create new VMs directly.
> If someone want to create new VMs, he or she need to wait for approval 
> process.
> Then, the administrator Of cloud create a new VM to applicant. So the 
> workflow that you suggested is not convenient.

This approval process & admin action is the exact opposite to what
cloud is all about. I'd suggest that anybody using such a process has
little understanding of cloud and should be educated, not weird
interfaces added to nova to support a broken premise. The cloud /is
different/ from traditional IT, that is its strength, and we should be
wary of undermining that to allow old-style thinking to continue.

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