Excerpts from Renat Akhmerov's message of 2014-03-13 01:55:46 -0700:
> Joshua,
> Thanks for your interest and feedback.
> I believe you were able to deliver your message already, we definitely hear 
> you. So no need to the same stuff again and again ;) As I promised before, we 
> are now evaluating what’s been going on with TaskFlow for the last couple of 
> months and preparing our questions/concerns/suggestions on using it within 
> Mistral. But that’s not very easy and quick thing to do since there’s a bunch 
> of details to take into account, especially given the fact that Mistral 
> codebase has become much more solid and Mistral itself now has lots of 
> requirements dictated by its use cases and roadmap vision. So patience would 
> be really appreciated here.
> If you don’t mind I would prefer to discuss things like that in separate 
> threads, not in threads devoted to daily project activities. So that we can 
> split our conceptual discussions and current work that’s going on according 
> to our plans. Otherwise we have a risk to make spaghetti out of our ML 
> threads.

From my perspective, as somebody who is considering Mistral for some
important things, the fact that the taskflow people are not aligned with
the Mistral people tells me that Mistral is not what I thought it was:
taskflow for direct user consumption.

So, while it may be annoying to have your "day to day project
activities" questioned, it is pretty core to the discussion considering
that this suggests several things that diverge from taskflow's core

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