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> Hi.
> So I've written a blueprint for nova for Juno, and uploaded it to
> nova-specs (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/80865/). That got me
> thinking about what this process might look like, and this is what I
> came up with:
> * create a launchpad blueprint
> * you write a proposal in the nova-specs repo
> * add the blueprint to the commit message of the design proposal, and
> send the design proposal off for review
> * advertise the existence of the design proposal to relevant stake
> holders (other people who hack on that bit of the code, operators
> mailing list if relevant, etc)
> * when the proposal is approved, it merges into the nova-specs git
> repo and nova-drivers then mark the launchpad blueprint as approved
> * off you go with development as normal
> This has the advantage that there's always a launchpad blueprint, and
> that the spec review is associated with that blueprint. That way
> someone who finds the launchpad blueprint but wants to see the actual
> design proposal can easily do so because it is linked as an "addressed
> by" review on the blueprint.
> Thoughts?

Makes sense to me.

- Chris

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