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      I am working on this
patch( to fix bugs about volume
attach failure with keystone V3 token.

Just wonder, is there some blue prints or plans in Juno to address
keystone V3 support in nova ?

      Thanks you in advance.

Best Regards~~~

Li, Shaokai

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I have this on the nova meeting agenda for tomorrow [1].  I would
think at a minimum this means running compute tests in Tempest
against a keystone v3 backend.  I'm not sure what the current state
of Tempest is regarding keystone v3.  Note that this isn't the only
thing that made it into nova in Icehouse related to keystone v3 [2].

On the tempest side there are some dedicated keystone v3 api tests, I'm not sure how well things are covered there though. On using keystone v3 for auth for the other tests tempest doesn't quite support that yet. Andrea Frittoli is
working on a bp to get this working:

But, at this point it will probably end up being early Juno thing before this
can be enabled everywhere in tempest.

-Matt Treinish

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Furthermore Russell talked to Dolph in IRC and Dolph created this blueprint for planning the path forward from keystone v2 to v3:

Lance Bragstad

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