Salvatore Orlando <> writes:

> On another note, we noticed that the duplicated jobs currently executed for
> redundancy in neutron actually seem to point all to the same build id.
> I'm not sure then if we're actually executing each job twice or just
> duplicating lines in the jenkins report.

Thanks for catching that, and I'm sorry that didn't work right.  Zuul is
in fact running the jobs twice, but it is only looking at one of them
when sending reports and (more importantly) decided whether the change
has succeeded or failed.  Fixing this is possible, of course, but turns
out to be a rather complicated change.  Since we don't make heavy use of
this feature, I lean toward simply instantiating multiple instances of
identically configured jobs and invoking them (eg "neutron-pg-1",

Matthew Treinish has already worked up a patch to do that, and I've
written a patch to revert the incomplete feature from Zuul.


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