Hi All,

I have prepared commits I would like to have it reviewed and eventually
merged that add initial, limited support for FreeBSD as a host to nova. It
includes basic networking via freebsd_net driver (similar to the linux_net)
and few addons to libvirt compute driver in order to support the bhyve
hypervisor. Intent for those commits is let other play with openstack on
FreeBSD and to provide a code base for further development, as the current
version comes with many limitations like:

- Only FreeBSD guest OSes can be used
- No support for the config drive
- Only one disk and one Ethernet interface
- No pause/resume functionality
- No VM migration support
- No files injection to VMs filesystem
- Only works with bridged networking using nova-network with Flat/FlatDHCP
multi-host mode

Unit test are included, however, for all that to work on a real system you
have to use a slightly patched version of libvirt as not all features has
been merged to the official repository yet. My question is if that is
applicable to be merged at all, or should I wait for all necessary stuff to
be in libvirt official repository at first? I want also mention that there
is an active work underway in libvirt community to have all them
implemented and included in the libvirt code.

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