On 03/31/2014 08:01 PM, John Dickinson wrote:
> I'm announcing my candidacy for Swift PTL. I've been involved with Swift 
> specifically and OpenStack in general since the beginning. I'd like to 
> continue to serve in the role as Swift PTL.
> Swift has grown quite a bit over the last 4 years. In this past year, we've 
> added major new features refactored significant areas of the code to improve 
> efficiency and extensibility. We've added support for global clusters. We've 
> significantly refactored replication to be more efficient. We've cleaned up 
> the volume interface to make it much simpler to extend. Swift is a great 
> storage engine, powering some of the world's largest storage clouds. Let's 
> keep making it better.
> Going forward, I'd like to address four things in Swift in the next year:
> 1) Finish storage policies, including erasure code support. In my opinion, 
> this is the biggest feature in Swift since it was open-sourced, and I'm 
> really excited by the opportunities it enables. I sent an email earlier this 
> month about our current plan on getting storage policies finished up: 
> 2) Focus on performance and efficiency rather than on a "feature train". 
> We've started on several things here, including the "ssync" replication 
> improvements and some profiling middleware. I'd also like to see improvement 
> in replication bandwidth efficiency (especially with global clusters), 
> time-to-first-byte latency improvement, better support of very dense storage, 
> and support higher concurrency with less resources.
> 3) Better QA. Swift has always been a very stable system. We need to ensure 
> that it remains stable, especially as new feature go in and other parts of 
> the codebase change. Examples here include better functional test coverage, 
> testing against real clusters, more end-to-end testing of workflows, running 
> probetests automatically against submitted changes, and tracking performance 
> metrics against patches. 
> 4) Better community efficiency. As the community has grown, we need to get 
> better at offering feedback channels from production deployments, especially 
> from non-developers. We need to get better at reducing the patch review time 
> and encouraging newer developers to jump in and offer patches.
> These are the things that I want to focus on as PTL in the next 6 to 12 
> months. My vision for Swift is that everyone will use it every day, even if 
> they don't realize it. Together we can make it happen.
> --John
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