Hi Thomas,

it probably won't be a bad idea if you can share the patches you're
applying to the default configuration files.
I think all distros are patching them anyway, so this might allow us to
provide mostly ready to use config files.

Is there a chance you can push something to gerrit?


On 2 April 2014 12:12, Thomas Goirand <z...@debian.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> The default neutron configuration files aren't useable by default. So,
> I'm heavily patching them in my Debian package. This isn't an idea
> situation already, especially that I have to rebase my patch on each
> (pre-)release. Though here, if I'm not mistaking, we're having a
> completely *wrong* example as a comment. From the default neutron.conf:
> # Example: service_plugins = router,firewall,lbaas,vpnaas,metering
> AFAIU, "router" and "firewall" aren't valid values (they make
> neutron-db-manage crash dump for example), and we should use instead
> something like:
> service_plugins = l3_router,fwaas,lbaas,vpnaas,metering
> Am I mistaking? If no, then how come neutron.conf advertizes for
> non-working directive values?
> Also, and it's been like this for quite long: what Neutron ships as
> configuration file isn't parseable in a satisfying way. For example,
> everywhere in the files, we have things like this:
> # Example:
> # connection = mysql://root:pass@
> # Replace above with the IP address of the database used
> # by the main neutron server. (Leave it as is if the database runs
> # on this host.)
> # connection = sqlite://
> (above comments rewraped to make it fit in this message)
> How exactly a script is supposed to make the difference between the 2
> commented-out "connection" directives? They both look like occurrences
> of the same directives, and there's no way to distinguish the first one
> (and example) from the 2nd one (a commented out directive). Could we
> instead use something like this instead?
> -# Example:
> -# connection = mysql://root:pass@
> +# Example: connection = mysql://root:pass@
> It'd be nice if these changes could make it to the Icehouse release.
> Thoughts anyone?
> Cheers,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)
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