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> Granted, it'll take some work to build a similar visual style--I see
> elaborate record nodes in your future--but you don't have to be bound to
> PlantUML if you don't want to be.
> I've used Graphviz before for a few applications, and if I can help get
> you started with building dot files, let me know.

Actually I've tried to generate GraphViz input data (in .dot format)
directly from MuranoPL manifests, and the result was a little
disappointment. Graphs looked fine until the number of nodes were
relatively small (less then 4), and dependencies between them remain
linear. As soon as the number of nodes increases, or cross links appears,
the graph becomes a mess. So that's why we decided to look for some
external tool. And now we trying to find another tool which doesn't
requires such heavy dependencies as Java. :)

I'm not shure that writing our own tool worth it, however I might be wrong

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