I'm currently trying to reproduce [1]. This bug requires to have the same
host on two different aggregates, each one having an AZ.

IIRC, Nova API prevents hosts of being part of two distinct AZs [2], so
IMHO this request should not be possible.
That said, there are two flaws where I can identify that no validation is
done :
 - when specifying an AZ in nova.conf, the host is overriding the existing
AZ by its own
 - when adding an host to an aggregate without AZ defined, and afterwards
update the aggregate to add an AZ

So, I need direction. Either we consider it is not possible to share 2 AZs
for the same host and then we need to fix the two above scenarios, or we
say it's nice to have 2 AZs for the same host and then we both remove the
validation check in the API and we fix the output issue reported in the
original bug [1].

Your comments are welcome.

[1] : https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1277230

[2] :
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