On 04/03/2014 12:19 PM, Mike Perez wrote:
> Hello all,
> My name is Mike Perez, and I would like to be your next PTL for the OpenStack
> block storage project Cinder.
> I've been involved with the OpenStack community since October 2010. I'm
> a senior developer for Datera which contributes to Linux Bcache and the
> Linux-IO SCSI Target (LIO) in the kernel. Before that I was for seven years
> a senior developer for DreamHost, working on their core products and storage 
> in
> their OpenStack public cloud.
> Since November 2012 I've been a core developer for Cinder. Besides code
> reviews, my main contributions include creating the v2 API, writing the v2 API
> reference and spec docs and rewriting the v1 api docs. These are contributions
> that I feel were were well thought out and complete. This is exactly how I 
> would like to see the future of Cinder's additional contributions and would
> like to lead the team that direction.
> Instead of listing out the technical things that need to be improved in 
> Cinder,
> I would like to just talk about the things as PTL I would improve, which as
> a side effect will allow the team to focus better on those technical issues.
> Cinder is a small but a very effective team. Just like other projects, we need
> more contributors to handle the requirements we get daily. First impressions
> with contributors who are very excited to make their name in OpenStack can be
> better helped by simple outreach in how they can be more effective with the
> team. Guiding those contributors on what are the goals, and spending a little
> time with them on how their interests can help those goals can go a long
> way. Currently I feel like potential long term contributors are discouraged in
> the time that they spend on evaluating what they could improve and to later
> find out that their proposed improvements don't fit the project plans.
> Focus itself can help contributors be effective in what's important. With the
> support of the community, I would like to raise better guidelines on when
> certain contributions are appropriate. With these community agreed guidelines,
> it should be clearer on what is appropriate for review and what can be pushed
> to the next release. With a better focus we can allow more time for features 
> to
> be more complete as mentioned earlier. Being complete means having confidence
> something works. This can be ensured by trying changes before merge when
> possible and not relying on tests alone, having performance results, and
> actually having documentation so people know how to use new features. Release
> notes are not enough to figure out new Cinder features.
> I want to help the team realize more they can do in Cinder. I don't want to be
> a single person people rely on in the project, but rather have this team help
> me carry this project forward.
> Thank you,
> Mike Perez
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