I think it's important to understand what we mean by "stable" in the
gate. It means that the end point is 99.9999% available. And that it's
up or down status is largely under our control.

Things that are not stable by this definition which we've moved away
from for the gate:
 * github.com - one of the reasons for git.openstack.org
 * pypi.python.org - one of the reasons for our own pypi mirror
 * upstream distro mirrors (we use cloud specific mirrors, which even
then do fail some times, more than we'd like)

Fedora.org is not stable by this measure either. Downloading an iso from
fedora.org fails 5% of the time in the gate.

I'm sure the Hortonworks folks are good folks, but by our standards of
reliability, no one stacks up. And an outage on their behalf means that
any project which gates on it will be blocked from merging any code
until it's addressed. If Ceilometer wants to take that risk in their
check queue (and be potentially blocked) that might be one thing, and we
could talk about that. But we definitely can't co-gate and block all of
openstack because of a hortonworks outage (which will happen, especially
if we download packages from them 600 - 1000 times a day).


On 04/08/2014 12:14 PM, Nadya Privalova wrote:
> Hi,
> Yep, it would be great to have HBase installed on gating for Ceilometer.
> Now we use self-written mocked HBase to test functionality. But HBase
> backend is becoming more complex and it's really hard to add 'new
> features' in mocked HBase. Hortonworks is the main and the largest
> contributor in Hadoop eco-system so I think that their repos are very
> stable. But actually both variants are acceptable for me.
> I'd like to note that now Ceilometer doesn't work with Cassandra. But
> there are several blueprints about it
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+spec/cassandra-driver and
> Magneto-related one
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+spec/support-magnetodb . So
> Cassandra will be important for Ceilometer on gating too.
> Besides, I'd like to note that all these NoSQL solutions are very likely
> to be used in production in future (if compare with SQL I mean). And I
> think that all of us are interested in testing things that will be used
> in real life.
> Looking forward infra and devstack teams` inputs.
> Thanks,
> Nadya
> On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 7:18 PM, Ilya Sviridov <isviri...@mirantis.com
> <mailto:isviri...@mirantis.com>> wrote:
>     Hello infra and devstack,
>     I would like to start thread about adding of nosql databases support
>     to devstack for development and gating purposes.
>     Currently there is necessity of HBase and Cassandra in MagnetoDB
>     project for running tempest tests.
>     We have implemented Cassandra as part of MagnetoDB devstack
>     integration
>     (https://github.com/stackforge/magnetodb/tree/master/contrib/devstack)
>     and started working on HBase now
>     (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnetodb/+spec/devstack-add-hbase).
>     From other side, HBase and Cassandra are supported as database
>     backends in Ceilometer and it can be useful for development and
>     gating to have it in devstack.
>     So, it looks like common task for both projects and eventually will
>     be integrated to devstack, so I’m suggesting to start that
>     discussion in order push ahead with it.
>     Cassandra and HBase are both Java applications, so come with JDK as
>     dependency. It is proved we can use OpenJDK available in debian repos.
>     The database itself are distributed in two ways:
>     - as debian packages build and hosted by software vendors
>          HBase deb http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP/ubuntu12/2.x
>     HDP main
>          Cassandra deb http://debian.datastax.com/community  stable main
>     - as tar.gz hosted on Apache Download Mirrors
>          HBase  http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
>          Cassandra http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/cassandra/
>     The distributions provided by Apache Foundation looks more reliable,
>     but I heard, that third party sources can be not stable enough to
>     introduce them as dependencies in devstack gating.
>     I have registered BP in devstack project about adding HBase
>     https://blueprints.launchpad.net/devstack/+spec/add-hbase-to-devstack and
>     we have started working on it.
>     Please share your thoughts about it to help make it real.
>     Thank you.
>     Have a nice day,
>     Ilya Sviridov
>     isviridov @ FreeNode
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