Auditing has been discussed for the firewall extension.
However, it is reasonable to expect some form of auditing for security
group rules as well.

To the best of my knowledge there has never been an explicit decision to
not support logging.
However, my guess here is that we might be better off with an auditing
service plugin integrating with security group and firewall agents rather
than baking the logging feature in the security group extension.
Please note that I'm just thinking aloud here.


On 8 April 2014 23:17, CARVER, PAUL <> wrote:

>  Are there any blueprints or discussion around logging the actions of
> iptables rules that are generated from security groups?
> Typically a firewall produces copious logs. As far as I can tell, Neutron
> security groups permit or deny traffic but don't provide any record at all
> of what happened. Obviously iptables itself supports logging, but I haven't
> seen anything in
>  looks like it adds logging rules.
> I'd be curious to know if this is just a case of no one having added it
> yet, or if there was any explicit decision to NOT support logging (either
> as a provider enforced standard, or as a tenant configurable per-rule
> setting.)
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