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> > On 08/04/14 14:04 +0400, Vladimir Kozhukalov wrote:
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> > >0) There are a plenty of old hardware which does not have IPMI/ILO at
> all.
> > >How Ironic is supposed to power them off and on? Ssh? But Ironic is not
> > >supposed to interact with host OS.
> >
> > I'm more accustomed to using PDUs for this type of thing. I.e., a
> > power strip you can ssh into or hit via a web API to toggle power to
> > individual ports.
> >
> > Machines are configured to power up on power restore, plus PXE boot.
> > You have less control than with IPMI -- all you can do is toggle power
> > to the outlet -- but it works well, even for some desktop machines I
> > have in a lab.
> >
> > I don't have a compelling need, but I've often wondered if such a
> > driver would be useful. I can imagine it also being useful if people
> > want to power up non-compute stuff, though that's probably not a top
> > priority right now.
> We have developed a driver that might be of interest.  Ironic uses it to
> control the PDUs in our lab cluster through SNMP.  It appears the leading
> brands of PDU implement SNMP interfaces, albeit through vendor-specific
> enterprise MIBs.  As a mechanism for control, I'd suggest that SNMP is
> going to be a better bet than an automated tron for hitting the ssh or web
> interfaces.
> Currently our power driver is a point solution for our PDUs, but why not
> make it generalised?  We'd be happy to contribute it.
> Best wishes
> Stig Telfer
> Cray Inc.
A PDU-based power driver has come up in discussions in the past several
times, and I think it's well within Ironic's scope to support this. An
iBoot driver was proposed, but bit rotted. I'd rather see a generic one,

FWIW, there already is an SSH-based power driver, which is primarily used
in test environments (we mock real hardware with VMs to cut down the cost
of developer testing), but this could probably be extended to support
connecting to PDU's.

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