Thank you to the electorate, to all those who voted and to all
candidates who put their name forward for PTL for this election. A
healthy, open process breeds trust in our decision making capability -
thank you to all those who make this process possible.

Now for the results of the PTL election process, please join me in
extending congratulations to the following PTLs:

* Compute (Nova)
** Michael Still
* Object Storage (Swift)
** John Dickinson
* Image Service (Glance)
** Mark Washenberger
* Identity (Keystone)
** Dolph Mathews
* Dashboard (Horizon)
** David Lyle
* Networking (Neutron)
** Kyle Mestery
* Block Storage (Cinder)
** John Griffith
* Metering/Monitoring (Ceilometer)
** Eoghan Glynn
* Orchestration (Heat)
** Zane Bitter
* Database Service (Trove)
** Nikhil Manchanda
* Bare metal (Ironic)
** Devananda van der Veen
* Common Libraries (Oslo)
** Doug Hellmann
* Infrastructure
** Jim Blair
* Documentation
** Anne Gentle
* Quality Assurance (QA)
** Matt Treinish
* Deployment (TripleO)
** Robert Collins
* Devstack (DevStack)
** Dean Troyer
* Release cycle management
** Thierry Carrez
* Queue Service (Marconi)
** Kurt Griffiths
* Data Processing Service (Sahara)
** Sergey Lukjanov
* Key Management Service (Barbican)
** Jarret Raim

Election Results:
* Nova:
* Neutron:
* Cinder:
* Ceilometer:
* Heat:
* TripleO:

Shortly I will post the announcement opening TC nominations and then we
are into the TC election process.

Thank you to all involved in the PTL election process,

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