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> On 04/10/14 at 11:33pm, Oleg Gelbukh wrote:
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> In my opinion what's being proposed doesn't seem to fit cleanly into any 
> existing service, so perhaps it could start as a standalone
> entity.
> Then once there's something that can be used and demoed a proper place might 
> suggest itself, or it might make sense to keep it
> separate.

I strongly support no auto scaling. Heat looks after this and is a user facing 
activity since it needs to know what to do when a new VM is created and how to 
set it up.

A dynamic scheduling 'service' would work on an operator infrastructure layer 
performing VM relocation according to the service provider needs (balance 
between optimisation, thrashing, acceptable downtime). It should be performed 
within the SLA expectations of the VM.

The dynamic scheduling is 'OpenStack Tetris', trying to ensure a consistent 
packing policy of VMs on resources based on the policy for the service class.


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