Hello everyone,

One misnamed meter was discovered in Ceilometer release candidate
testing. Rather than having to support this misnamed meter in the
Icehouse final release, we decided to respin a new release candidate to
include the renamed meter in the final Icehouse release. You can find a
link to the bug and the RC3 source tarball at:


Unless release-critical regressions are found that warrant a new
release candidate respin, this RC3 will be formally released as part of
the 2014.1 final version on Thursday. Last minute testing is therefore
strongly encouraged on this tarball !

Alternatively, you can directly test the milestone-proposed branch at:

If you find an issue that could be considered release-critical and
justify a release candidate respin, please file it at:


and tag it *icehouse-rc-potential* to bring it to the release crew's


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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