This page actually has most of the answers on it:

1: The time limit is one release: "at the end of each release, non-completed 
specs will be removed"
2: The "nova-drivers" team approves specs
3: No, it's not required to have a summit session. Something like that would be 
problematic, as
   blueprints could be proposed after summit.

Hope that helps.  IMHO, the nova-specs gerrit repository is a great way to 
blueprints.  I'm really liking it so far.

Best Regards,
Solly Ross

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Hi Nova developers:

I have a question around the new nova-specs gerrit repository. We're
implementing the same thing in Neutron for Juno (I'm hoping to make
this live tomorrow), but I had a few quick questions so I can build on
your experience with this so far:

1. Did you implement any sort of time limit on BPs in review? Mostly
around trying to triage the BPs as they come in.
2. Nova has a subset of the core-team which can actually approve BPs,
is this correct?
3. For all BPs submitted using the new procedure, is it required to
submit a Summit session?

Any guidance appreciated here!


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