Thanks for your reply.

By now many people think USB-redirection is a valuable function, so I wrote a 
BP for it in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/usb-redirection.
I will write a detailed spec for it a little later, hope you can review it too.
For use cases of USB-passthrough, we indeed have many requirements from 
customers in private cloud.
I think Openstack may also been used for private cloud solution, so if we 
provide USB-passthrough
as an optional function may also have some values.

Welcome for any and more advices. 


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On Wed, 2014-04-23 at 02:01 +0000, Yuanjing (D) wrote:
> Hi
> I have proposed three BPs about usb-passthrough.
> 1. Usb-passthrough is the core function I want to provide which is in 
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86404/.
> 2. The function of specify usb controller for usb-passthrough is for 
> refine the use of Usb-passthrough, which is in 
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/88337/.
> 3. The function of specify usb controller is the prerequisite of 
> specify usb controller for usb-passthrough which is in 
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/88334.
> The backgrounds are:
> I want to make a detailed explanation about why I suggest to provide this 
> function.
> We provide VDI(Virtual Desktop) and server virtualization solutions for 
> customers, our customers have strong requirements for using USB devices.
> The typical use cases and our solutions are described as below:
> 1.In VDI solution, customers want to use local USB printers or USB 
> scanners with TC(Thin-Client), because remote desktop protocol like ICA have 
> already support USB-redirection, so customers only need to attach USB device 
> to TC, the protocol can map USB device to VM.
> 2. In virtualization solution, when starting or restarting some 
> business-critical applications, a connected USB-KEY is needed for 
> authentication, some applications even need a daily authentication by 
> USB-KEY. we suggest the following solutions:
> (1) Using physical 'USB-HUB' box and technology of USB-redirection 
> over TCP/IP. Customers need to buy USB-HUB and install software in guest os, 
> the software helps redirecting USB device to VM.
> (2) Using USB-Passthrough and USB hot-plug functions provided by our 
> virtualization software. The end users(normally application or system 
> administrators) insert USB devices to host that containing the VM, then  can 
> see USB device list in portal and choose USB device to attach.
> This solution has advantages that
> 1. It doesn't need additional physical devices
> 2. It doesn't need a special server to run spice client for 
> USB-Redirection
> 3. Business-critical applications commonly need stable and long-standing 
> USB-KEY to attach, USB-Passthrough maybe more stable than USB-Redirection 
> over TCP/IP or remote desktop protocol.

Hi Jing, thx for your above email.

I think of cloud computing as providing a way for users to *not* have to manage 
hardware -- they are free to work with virtual servers and then throw them away 
when not needed or get a new one quickly if something bad happens.

I'm afraid I don't see any relation to what I think of as "cloud" in the second 
use case you list above. I don't think having a system administrator running 
around to a physical machine in a datacenter and plugging in a USB key is a 
"cloudy" activity.

For the first use case, however, where the user inserts a USB device on the 
thin client and USB redirection allows the VM to read/write to the USB device 
on the thin client, I certainly see a good use case there.

However, I am uncertain which of your blueprints deals exclusively with the 
first use case. Could you advise on that?


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