> For live migration, we use shared storage so I don't think it's quite the 
> same as getting/putting image bits from/to arbitrary locations.

Hi, I'm the first author of the TPDS paper of VMThunder.

Based on the same techniques and architecture of VMThunder, we have given a
new live migration method. As the same as VMThunder, this new live
migration method is a storage level solution and can support several kinds
of popular hypervisor without modifying them.

Technically, this method is a pre-copy and post-copy hybrid method and
based on a previous work of ours, which is a live storage migration. (DLSM:
Decoupled Live Storage Migration with Distributed Device Mapper
Storage.  *accepted
by t**he 8th IEEE International Symposium on Service-Oriented System
Engineering (SOSE)*, Oxford, U.K. April, 2014.)

We are now working on this method and preparing to post a new paper to one
coming conference.

In summary, I think that the architecture of VMThunder is a powerful
platform that can support several popular IaaS features, like large scale
provisioning, bulk data dissemination, live migration, live spawning, and
etc. (VM cluster live spawning is also a current work of us that still
under researching)


Thank you!

Brian Zhaoning Zhang
PhD Cand.
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