Stephen you can edit the google doc directly.
Please add your use cases to there.

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Hi Samuel,

I'm a little confused what you're asking for: Do you want us to add use cases 
to the document directly, or discuss them here first and then someone 
(presumably you?) adds them to the document after it's agreed it's a valid use 

It sounds like one or more of the use cases you've collected so far might have 
gone missing. Does it make sense to move the list of use cases to the wiki, 
then, where everyone can edit and there's history kept so mistakes can be 
rolled back easily?

(I ask, because I've been thinking of new use cases all week as I've been 
working on the API revision proposal, and I'd like to get them recorded and / 
or discussed.)


On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 1:26 AM, Samuel Bercovici 
<<>> wrote:

I have seen a few addition to
I think that it would make sense to keep this document with uses cases that 
were discussed in ML.
A use case that I have seen and is missing is related to availability zones.
Please feel free to update this and add your own to the document.

I have also added sections for Cloud Admin/Cloud Operator use cases. Please add 
additional use cases based on your experience.


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