Two separate patches, or even two chains of separate patches, will
make reviewing and more importantly (hopefully temporary) backouts
easier. It will also reduce the number of merge conflicts, which are
still likely to be substantial.

There's no benefit at all to all of this being done in one patch, and
substantial costs. Doing the conversion by sections seems like the way

Doing both around the same time (maybe as dependant patches) seems reasonable

On 27 April 2014 00:20, Jay S. Bryant <> wrote:
> All,
> I am looking for feedback on how to complete implementation of i18n
> support for Cinder.  I need to open a new BluePrint for Juno as soon as
> the cinder-specs process is available.  In the mean time I would like to
> start working on this and need feedback on the scope I should undertake
> with this.
> First, the majority of the code for i18n support went in with Icehouse.
> There is just a small change that is needed to actually enable Lazy
> Translation again.  I want to get this enabled as soon as possible to
> get plenty of runtime on the code for Icehouse.
> The second change is to add an explicit export for '_' to all of our
> files to be consistent with other projects. [1]  This is also the safer
> way to implement i18n.  My plan is to integrate the change as part of
> the i18n work.  Unfortunately this will touch many of the files in
> Cinder.
> Given that fact, this brings me to the item I need feedback upon.  It
> appears that Nova is moving forward with the plan to remove translation
> of debug messages as there was a recent patch submitted to enable a
> check for translated DEBUG messages.  Given that fact, would it be an
> appropriate time, while adding the explicit import of '_' to also remove
> translation of debug messages.  It is going to make the commit for
> enabling Lazy Translation much bigger, but it would also take out
> several work items that need to be addressed at once.  I am willing to
> undertake the effort if I have support for the changes.
> Please let me know your thoughts.
> Thanks!2]
> Jay
> (jungleboyj on freenode)
> [1]
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