I have moved the blueprint to ceilometer. 
It is now available here: 

We have also created an Etherpad. Feel free to come contribute: 

> And since most of the monitoring systems have standardized on supporting 
> Nagios plug ins, it would be great if it supported them too.
We were considering this, thank you for the feedback.

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Subject: Monitoring as a Service

Hello Everyone!

My name is Alexandre Viau from Savoir-Faire Linux.

We have submited a Monitoring as a Service blueprint and need feedback.

Problem to solve: Ceilometer's purpose is to track and *measure/meter* usage 
information collected from OpenStack components (originally for billing). While 
Ceilometer is usefull for the cloud operators and infrastructure metering, it 
is not a *monitoring* solution for the tenants and their services/applications 
running in the cloud because it does not allow for service/application-level 
monitoring and it ignores detailed and precise guest system metrics.

Proposed solution: We would like to add Monitoring as a Service to Openstack

Just like Rackspace's Cloud monitoring, the new monitoring service - lets call 
it OpenStackMonitor for now -  would let users/tenants keep track of their 
ressources on the cloud and receive instant notifications when they require 

This RESTful API would enable users to create multiple monitors with predefined 
checks, such as PING, CPU usage, HTTPS and SMTP or custom checks performed by a 
Monitoring Agent on the instance they want to monitor.

Predefined checks such as CPU and disk usage could be polled from Ceilometer. 
Other predefined checks would be performed by the new monitoring service 
itself. Checks such as PING could be flagged to be performed from multiple 

Custom checks would be performed by an optional Monitoring Agent. Their results 
would be polled by the monitoring service and stored in Ceilometer.

If you wish to collaborate, feel free to contact me at 
The blueprint is available here: 


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