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> Would you take over the Python client libraries as well ? On one hand
> they need /some/ domain expertise, but on the other I see no reason to
> special-case Python against other SDKs, and that may give the libraries
> a bit more attention and convergence (they currently are the ugly
> stepchild in some programs, and vary a lot).

The future of the existing client libs has not been settled, my working
assumption is that they would remain with their home programs as they are
now.  From the start OpenStackClient was meant to be a clean-slate for the
CLI and the Python SDK is taking the same basic approach.

In the case you'd absorb the Python client libraries, it might make
> sense to ship the keystone middleware in a separate package that would
> still live in the Identity program.

This needs to happen anyway, it's time for my semi-annual request to

I think we need people caring for the end user and their experience of
> interacting with an OpenStack-backed cloud. I understand that CLI/SDK
> specialists and GUI-oriented specialists are different crowds, but they
> share the same objective and would benefit IMHO from being in the same
> program. There could be two subteams to care for specialists in both
> areas (or even 3 if you separate the CLI and SDK folks). Overall from
> the TC perspective it would make a much stronger proposal if you somehow
> could present a united (and without overlap) proposal.

To be honest, until the most recent ML thread I hadn't thought about the UX
team or even if they were active.  We have three basic categories of
projects delivering code: web UI (Horizon),  CLI (OpenStackClient) and SDK
(at least three active language-based teams).  They all should consume the
output from a UX R&D effort, I guess I am open on the program structure to
make that work.  Horizon is already a part of a program, OSC needs to be
and the SDKs will also need to be in the near future.



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