I get the Nova Hypervisor ID by typing "nova hypervisor-list".
I am developing a resource reservation service and the reservations are attached to a Nova Hypervisor ID. I would use Ironic to put the nodes on standby mode when there is no running instances.
This is why I need to get the Ironic node UUID from a Nova Hypervisor ID...

"http://ironic:6385/v1/nodes?instance_uuid=blablabla"; is not a perfect solution : without running instances, you cannot retrieve the node UUID...


Le 06/05/2014 22:05, Devananda van der Veen a écrit :

Can you clarify by way of a CLI example what exactly you mean by "nova
hypervisor id"? I'm not sure if you mean the instance uuid, compute
host id, service id, or something else.

I'll assume you mean the nova instance uuid, in which case, you can
get the Ironic node uuid from "nova show $instance" -- it is in the
hypervisor_hostname field.


On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 2:23 AM, François Rossigneux
<> wrote:
Hi all,
I need to retrieve the Ironic node uuid from a Nova Hypervisor ID. How can I
do that?

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