As we look forward to the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, I wanted to take a 
moment to review the state of the program. With the close of the Icehouse 
cycle, the team has achieved a number of exciting milestones:

  *   Marconi's first official, production-ready "1.0" release is now available 
for download<>. This first release 
includes a battle-tested MongoDB driver, and production-ready drivers for 
additional backends are in the works.
  *   Marconi's v1.0 API is stable and ready to code against.
  *   Basic user and operator docs are now 
available<>, and we will be adding 
tons of new content during Juno.
  *   A reference client library (written in Python) is now available on PyPI 
which supports the entire v1.0 API. Support for other languages is available 
through Rackspace-supported SDKs<>.

Through this program, I’ve had the opportunity to work side-by-side with a 
fantastic group of people. We have an amazing team culture that values 
usability, quality, and community. Latest team stats:

10+ organizations represented
  *   5 core reviewers
  *   6 interns (representing GSoC, GNOME OPW, Rackspace and Red Hat)

If you will be attending the Atlanta summit, please join us in our design 
(pads<>), and at 
the Marconi unconference table. Here are some of the things we’ll be talking 

  *   Integration. We'll be chatting with several programs (swift, horizon, 
heat, et al.) who have approached us about using Marconi to surface events to 
end users. We would also like to meet with the Barbican team to discuss how we 
can work together to implement message signing.
  *   Notifications. How can we leverage Marconi as a notifications platform, 
for pushing queued messages to web hooks, SMTP, SMS, APN/GCM, etc?
  *   Operational Maturity. What do we need to do to make Marconi super 
ops-friendly? We'll be talking about monitoring, logging, security, efficiency, 
and documentation.
  *   Scaling Individual Queues. How should we handle the situation of a queue 
outgrowing a single storage partition? How do we best balance hot queues across 
the partitions?
  *   Queue Flavors. How can we surface Marconi's ability to assign queues to 
heterogeneous backend storage partitions to end users, so that they have the 
freedom to make app-specific tradeoffs such as latency, durability, cost, etc?

Thanks to everyone who has helped the program reach this point!

If you are going to be in town for the summit, please join me and other members 
of the Marconi team in celebrating our first official Marconi release! We'll 
grab some food and hang out in downtown Atlanta for the evening. We are also 
getting a group together for a CNN tour before dinner.

Note: If anyone is interested in taking a tour of CNN<> 
before dinner, please purchase tickets IN ADVANCE for the 4:20pm tour. Express 
your interest in #openstack-marconi so we can get a group together. Thanks!



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