# heat stack-create -f example.yaml
# heat stack-list

Assume the stack id is: 5d44526e-e75c-4cec-aeea-252d6d15254b

# heat resource-list 5d44526e-e75c-4cec-aeea-252d6d15254b

You get the resource named 'MyStack'. To check the details:

# heat resource-show 5d44526e-e75c-4cec-aeea-252d6d15254b MyStack

You now get the physical_resource_id for MyStack.   Let's assume it to
be: 2ab05ea0-8cae-40b9-99cc-3aaf69badde6

# heat resource-list 2ab05ea0-8cae-40b9-99cc-3aaf69badde6

Now you get your resource whose type is 'file:///..../heat.yaml'.
Its name could be a random string.  You can check that resource using:

# heat resource-show 2ab05ea0-8cae-40b9-99cc-3aaf69badde6 <name>

The process is a little bit dirty, though doable.  

If you want to submit a blueprint on this, it would be desirable to have
it generic enough to cover all nested stack cases.

   - Qiming

On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 03:02:00AM +0530, Nilakhya Chatterjee wrote:
> Hi All,
> I recently tried to create a nested stack with the following example :
> http://paste.openstack.org/show/79156/
> heat resource-list  gives only "MyStack" but intention should be to list
> all the resources created by the nested templates, as also pointed by the
> command help:
> resource-list       Show list of resources belonging to a stack
> Let me know if this requires a BP to be created for discussion.
> Thanks.
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