Thanks for your explanation.
I think  the implement in nova maybe  is  a good reference.

I have filed it to a blueprint.


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On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 1:14 AM, Mike Perez 
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On 02:04 Tue 29 Apr     , Bohai (ricky) wrote:
> Hi stackers,
> I found there are two "policy.json" files in cinder project.
> One is for source code(cinder/etc/policy.json), another is for the unit 
> test(cinder/cinder/tests/policy.json).
> Maybe it's better to united them and make the unit test to use the 
> "policy.json" file in the source code:
> 1. "policy.json" in the source code is really what we want to test but not 
> the one in unit test.
> 2. It's more convenient for the developers, because of only need to modify 
> one policy.json file.
>   Current it's easy to miss one of them.
> Any advices?
Seems like the right direction. Don't know why they were separate to begin

Nova has the same issue so its probably just historical. I'm not familiar with 
the cinder policy files, but for
Nova the default policy settings are different for the real policy file versus 
the one used for the unittests
and the unittests rely on this. So there's likely there will need to be some 
cleanup required to use just one policy file
and may complicate the unittests a bit more. But overall sounds like a good 
idea just to have one policy file.

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