There is a review for swift [1] that is requesting to set the max header
size to 16k to be able to support v3 keystone tokens.  That might be fine
if you measure you request rate in requests per minute, but this is
continuing to add significant overhead to swift.  Even if you *only* have
10,000 requests/sec to your swift cluster, an 8k token is adding almost
80MB/sec of bandwidth.  This will seem to be equally bad (if not worse) for
services like marconi.

When PKI tokens were first introduced, we raised concerns about the
unbounded size of of the token in the header, and were told that uuid style
tokens would still be usable, but all I heard at the summit, was to not use
them and PKI was the future of all things.

At what point do we re-evaluate the decision to go with pki tokens, and
that they may not be the best idea for apis like swift and marconi?



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