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> On 21/05/14 13:32 -0700, Michael Krotscheck wrote:
>> I've compiled a list of takeaways from the one-on-one ux sessions that we
>> did at the Atlanta Summit. These comments aren't exhaustive - they're the
>> big items that came up over and over again. If you'd like to review the
>> videos yourself or peruse my notes, please drop me a private line:
>> They're
>> rather large and I don't want to share my google drive with the world.
>> *Users were extremely confused about Tasks vs. Stories*
> +1 me too.
> Do they have to be different things (stories and tasks)? Would it be
> better to just have
> "issues" that could be made children of other "issues"?

That is how most other trackers do it. This is a very project-centric
approach, and it doesn't solve the OpenStack-specific challenges. For
example, Launchpad blueprints have "blueprints" that can be made
children of other "blueprints". The inability to have a single
overarching "feature" that affect multiple code repositories is why we
can't use it anymore. If tracking tasks across project boundaries was
not a critical coordination challenge (created by OpenStack unique
scope) we would not have to create our own tool, we would just adopt
Jira or Bugzilla.

The specific problem we are trying to solve with Storyboard is task
tracking across multiple projects. Have an openstack-wide problem and
describe the project-specific tasks that will solve that problem.

Now I understand it can be confusing, especially for people without a
Launchpad Bugs background. Maybe we can find a better term for "tasks"
("work items" ? "steps" ? "commits" ?), maybe we need to
educate/document more, maybe the UI should make it easier to grasp as a
concept. But given that our primary audience is OpenStack developers, I
suspect that once they understand the concept it's not that much of an
issue. And since most of them have to use Launchpad Bugs now (which has
a similar concept), the learning curve is not too steep...

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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