I’d like to attend all the Barbican stuff and I’m sure there’ll be some 
interesting Keystone things too.

I think it’s likely we’d do more parallel ‘OSSG’ stuff on the Keystone days 

I’m free on these dates.

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Subject: Re: [Openstack-security] [Barbican][OSSG][Keystone] Mid-Cycle Meetup

I plan on attending.

On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 10:48 AM, Jarret Raim 
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There was some interest at the Summit in semi-combining the mid-cycle meet
ups for Barbican, Keystone and the OSSG as there is some overlap in team
members and interest areas. The current dates being considered are:

Mon, July 7 - Barbican
Tue, July 8 - Barbican
Wed, July 9 - Barbican / Keystone
Thu, July 10 - Keystone
Fri, July 11 - Keystone

Assuming these dates work for for everyone, we'll fit some OSSG work in
during whatever days make the most sense. The current plan is to have the
meet up in San Antonio at the new Geekdom location, which is downtown.
This should make travel a bit easier for everyone as people won't need
cars are there are plenty of hotels and restaurants within walking / short
cab distance.

I wanted to try to get a quick head count from the Barbican and OSSG folks
(I think Dolph already has one for Keystone). I'd also like to know if you
are a Barbican person interested in going to the Keystone sessions or vice

Once we get a rough head count estimate, Dolph and I can work on getting
everything booked.


Jarret Raim

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