(James E. Blair) writes:

> Hi,
> On Friday, May 23 at 21:00 UTC Gerrit will be unavailable for about 20
> minutes while we rename some projects.  Existing reviews, project
> watches, etc, should all be carried over.

This is complete.  The actual list of renamed projects is:

    stackforge/barbican -> openstack/barbican
    openstack/oslo.test -> openstack/oslotest
    openstack-dev/openstack-qa -> openstack-attic/openstack-qa
    openstack/melange -> openstack-attic/melange
    openstack/python-melangeclient -> openstack-attic/python-melangeclient
    openstack/openstack-chef -> openstack-attic/openstack-chef
    openstack/database-api -> openstack-attic/database-api
    stackforge/climate -> stackforge/blazar
    stackforge/climate-nova -> stackforge/blazar-nova
    stackforge/python-climateclient -> stackforge/python-blazarclient
    stackforge/murano-api -> stackforge/murano
    openstack/baremetal-specs -> openstack/ironic-specs
    openstack/object-specs -> openstack/swift-specs
    openstack/orchestration-specs -> openstack/heat-specs
    openstack/identity-specs -> openstack/keystone-specs
    openstack/telemetry-specs -> openstack/ceilometer-specs

The consensus about specs repo names seemed to be converging on
'codename' significantly enough that we felt it would be best to drop
the previous plan to rename to program name, and instead rename the
handful of brand-new repos that had been created to their codenames.
Giving that kind of notice isn't our favorite thing to do, to put it
mildly, but I think this is for the best and we can get back to actually
writing specs now.  And maybe code.

Thanks to Sergey, Monty, Clark and Jeremy all of whom did a great deal
of work on this.


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