Great news! Even being non-voting, it already helped me 2-3 times to
spot a subtle error in a patch.

On Fri, 2014-05-23 at 18:56 -0700, Devananda van der Veen wrote:
> Just a quick heads up to everyone -- the tempest-dsvm-virtual-ironic
> job is now fully voting in both check and gate queues for Ironic. It's
> also now symmetrically voting on diskimage-builder, since that tool is
> responsible for building the deploy ramdisk used by this test.
> Background: We discussed this prior to the summit, and agreed to
> continue watching the stability of the job through the summit week.
> It's been reliable for over a month now, and I've seen it catch
> several real issues, both in Ironic and in other projects, and all the
> core reviewers I spoke lately have been eager to enable voting on this
> test. So, it's done!
> Cheers,
> Devananda
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