Today the OpenStack Containers Team[1] held our weekly IRC meeting, and reached 
consensus among a few areas of initial focus. They are:

1) Container support in OpenStack, with minimum code duplication
2) Drive agreement on where containers belong
3) API support for using features from Containers that are not offered by 
virtual machines.

The above are recorded in the team wiki page[2]. If you take an interest in 
supporting containers in OpenStack, and would like to offer your input on where 
the Containers Team should focus, or express your concerns we welcome you to 
join the Containers Team, and attend our sub-team meetings[3] on our 
alternating schedule of 1600 UTC and 2200 UTC on Tuesdays. We also welcome your 
feedback on this thread to confirm that we are focusing on the areas that will 
result in the biggest positive outcome on the OpenStack community.



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