Here's the latest news in docland. Thanks for all the great input at the
Summit and excellent follow up conversations on the mailing lists.

1. In review and merged recently:
Conversion of the High Availability Guide to DocBook to ease maintenance.
It's so interesting that the conversation about the End User Guide and
adding Heat Template information has Julien suggesting asciidoc -- we
haven't seen an uptick in contributions to the single asciidoc file we had
in the repo. But it's an unfair comparison since High Availability is a
specialty that not many would have contributed to. So let's keep talking
about the priorities for authoring ease.

Addition of roadmap.rst to each guide's directory. You can see what tasks
are not large enough to merit a blueprint but are still needed work on any
given guide.

Also note that the <project>-specs repos were rumored to be renamed to
<program>-specs, but they are going to remain <project>-specs. I haven't
been compelled to create a docs-specs repo and instead went with the
roadmap file mentioned above.

The database-api repository is now deleted and the API documentation for
the trove project now lives in the trove repository. Thanks for the
interest and let's keep doing that move for all the projects.

2. High priority doc work:

I've re-started an effort to bring in the O'Reilly content with index
entries wholesale at - let's merge
quickly so that rebasing isn't so difficult and so we can merge in the
havana to icehouse upgrade information.

The Architecture design guide book sprint is being planned by Ken Hui and
we have enough authors as of now but he is wait listing so do contact him
if you're interested. The dates are July 7-11 and VMware is hosting in Palo

Still working on persona definitions for the Documentation so that the
intended audience can be added to each guide in the front matter.

Also we're working on further organizing the Documentation/HowTo wiki page
to encourage newcomers.

The Security Guide will be moving to its own repository with a separate
core review team. Thanks all for the interest there!

3. Doc work going on that I know of:
We're continuing discussions about the User Guide to see if we can automate
some of the Orchestration reference information and incorporate into the
End User Guide or Admin User Guide.

Matt is working on writing up standards for file names and xml:ids as part
of the install guide work. Follow along at

4. New incoming doc requests:
I'd like to get started on app developer documentation and have been
talking to various community members from HP and other places.

I'm also meeting with Todd Morey, the Foundation designer who originally
desiged, this week for design ideas for docs.

5. Doc tools updates:
The Maven Clouddocs plugin is at 2.0.2 now, and openstack-doc-tools is at
0.15. With 2.0.2 you can use markup within a code listing to emphasize
(with bold output) anything you want to highlight in what's returned to the

There's now a "checklang" non-voting gate test to test translations. When
those break, please contact the openstack-docs list. Andreas has file this
bug for further investigation and tracking:
3:05 AM (5 hours ago)

6. Other doc news:

I still want to have the discussion about moving the training guides out of
the openstack-manuals repo with a separate core review team similar to the
Security Guide. Let me know about good next steps there and we can make a
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