Hi Folks - I spoke with Michael at the summit about bug management for Juno.   
Other than tagging the untagged bugs each week, I will also be driving a top 
ten list of bugs at the nova meeting.  The meeting is every Wednesday for 1/2 
hour at 1630 UTC.  Attendance has dropped off since the end of icehouse - in 
fact no one attended at all yesterday.  Im guessing people are focused on BP 
right now - but losing focus on bugs is a bad idea.

Nova currently has about 1200  bugs open (new, triaged, confirmed, in progress).
Of those, 556 have no owner (46%) which (usually) mean they are not being 
worked on.

 I will be gathering better stats over the next week or so, but my sense is 
that we need to focus a bit more on bugs.  To that end, I would like to propose 
a Bug Day on next Wedesday 6/4.

Bug day is a day that (regardless of time zone), people spend time on either 
fixing or reviewing bugs.

During that day we work on bugs and review bugs

We hang out on  #openstack-bugday

We admire our progress on http://status.openstack.org/bugday/

In terms of today's top ten bugs.  This week we have 1 regression from havana 
which is not assigned to anyone.


Please let me know if you have questions of comments


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