Thanks a lot, this works, i will update the wiki. 

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Gal Sagie wrote: 

I am trying to debug devstack Neutron with Pycharm, i have found here (
That i need to change the neutron server code to this=> eventlet.monkey_patch() 
To: eventlet.monkey_patch(os=False, thread=False) 

I don't need to do this. But I do need to go into the PyCharm settings under 
Python Debugger and enable "Gevent compatible debugging". 


I have done so, debug seems to run, but when i am trying to initiate commands 
from the CLI i get this: 

gal@ubuntu:~/devstack$ neutron net-list 
Connection to neutron failed: Maximum attempts reached 

Are you sure you have sourced openrc correctly for the credentials? 


(the server seems to run ok...) 

Any help is appreciated as i am trying to learn and understand main flows by 
debugging the code locally. 

First I start devstack in offline mode. 
OFFLINE=True ./ 

Once it is running I go to the neutron window in screen. 
There I stop neutron-server with ctrl-C, and press up-arrow to view the start 

To run neutron-server in the PyCharm debugger edit the Run/Debug configuration 
with the following settings: 

Script: /usr/local/bin/neutron-server 
Script params: --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf --config-file 
# I got this from the screen window where I stopped neutron 
Working directory: /opt/stack/neutron 

Now restart neutron from PyCharm instead of screen. 

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