The VPN section looks completed but we are introducing new changes on the 
services area.
I have been using Neutron team to include DocImpact on their commit messages to 
keep track of news changes for the Docs. On the last Neutron IRC meeting we 
have agreed that all commits missing DocImpact will be –1 until they include it.
So, it will help in keeping track on the new features or changes on existing 



From: Anne Gentle <<>>
Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 10:32 AM
 OpenStack Development Mailing List 
Cc: Glen Campbell 
<<>>, Rose Coste 
Subject: [Openstack-docs] What's Up Doc? June 11 2014

Hi all,
I'm back and mellow after my week at the beach. Here's what's going on in the 
world of docs.

We had our doc team meeting this morning. The 2nd and 4th Wed. are Europe and 
North America times, the 1st and 3rd Wed. are for Australia and Pacific area 
time zones. Find the meeting logs here: and all are welcome.

1. In review and merged recently:

RabbitMQ is now in use everywhere in the install guides, rather than 
documenting Qpid just for Fedora/CentOS/RHEL.

The Admin User Guide has been updated for the Icehouse dashboard UI with

The Configuration Reference now shows new, deprecated, and changed options 
release-over-release with this:

There are three install guide patches for Debian that need review:

2. High priority doc work:

I've gone through blueprints. One blueprint that I want to discuss further is 
the quality of the Python client docs that are stored with each project-*client 
repo. Their doc quality is often low, and Tom filed a blueprint to try to 
address. Originally we added the Python SDK chapter to the User Guide in hopes 
of alleviating some of this difficulty.

Rather than chase quality across nine (integrated) python-*client repos, I'd 
prefer to spend time to document the common openstack client and common SDKs. 
However, those are probably six months to a year from widespread use. So is 
this blueprint a fix for now while we work on the longer term? I'd like more 
input here to plan a way forward.

3. Doc work going on that I know of:

I've approved juno blueprints for:
-Install Guide improvements
-Adding Monitoring to the User Guide (or Admin User Guide as needed)
-Adding a Databases chapter to the User Guide
-Adding release-to-release change info to config reference
-Adding Orchestration template reference guide to the User Guide
-An overarching OpenStack API document is started, Diane has the blueprint.
-I believe the "deployment-template" blueprint will be fulfilled with the 
upcoming architecture book sprint.
-The blueprint for "understanding networking" is still in discussion, and I 
think we have agreement to start a new Networking Admin Guide. Let me know if 
you'd like to run point on that -- Karin and Lana have ideas and can probably 
run with it.
- Updating to use the ITS tool for doc translation is in discussion with a beta 
available. I'm good with this work as long as the localization team is 
-Training manuals have a blueprint that they'll move to their own Launchpad 
location, I believe.
- I'm working on a redesign for the docs site, still drafting solutions.

There are blueprints still lingering:
-Automation of API samples from the nova repo to the api-site repo - do we 
still want to do this?
-Redocument Xen -- I think there is interest, would someone like to be point? 
John Garbutt or Bob Ball or both?
-VPNaaS Neutron deployment -- Edgar, is this completed with
-Keystone updates - Joe Heck originally wanted to do this one, and we need to 
document more of v3 from deployers and users standpoint. Any interest?

I'll reach out to individuals as well.

4. New incoming doc requests:

We've recorded blueprints for incoming doc requests. Thanks for all the good 

5. Doc tools updates:

Diane's working on a change to make query parameters show up in the API 
reference output. You can test it here: To test the maven clouddocs plugin 
prior to a release, you checkout a local copy of the patch of the plugin, then 
mvn clean install

Make a note of what -SNAPSHOT version is built, then change the pom.xml of what 
you want to build to the newly, locally built SNAPSHOT version. Run:
mvn -U clean generate-sources

The -U parameter forces your local environment to use the SNAPSHOT version. 
Then look at the local output.

Andreas is out this week and next, so I'm hesitant to cut a release of 
openstack-doc-tools without him. The change that's still pending is the 
new/changed/deprecated options in the configuration reference.

6. Other doc news:
The architecture book sprint starts July 7th and goes all week, with a new PDF 
by July 11th. The week following we'll bring it into docbook and our review 
process. Thanks to all our hearty authors taking on the challenge!
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