On Thu, Jun 12 2014, Sean Dague wrote:

> However Monty brought up a good point at Summit, that MySQL has a strict
> mode. That should actually enforce the same strictness.

I would vote -1 on that, simply because using PostgreSQL should be more
than that just doing strict SQL.

For example, in Ceilometer and Gnocchi we have custom SQL type that are
implemented with different data type depending on the SQL engine that's
being used. PostgreSQL proposes better and more optimized data type in
certain case (timestamp or UUID from the top of my head). Not gating
against PostgreSQL would potentially introduce bugs in that support for

Oh sure, I can easily imagine that it's not the case currently in many
other OpenStack projects. But that IMHO would be a terrible move towards
leveling down the SQL usage in OpenStack, which is already pretty low

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