Hi Irena,

The "R" columns are for non-core subgroup reviews and the "C" columns are
for the core reviewers.
As of now, we only have specs listed/tracked in this wiki. Expanding the
wiki to include the code was briefly discussed last week. One option that
comes to mind is expanding the table for merged specs (the second table in
the wiki page) for tracking the reviews of the code. I have updated that
table and you and others can update the row for your specs and we can
discuss during the ML2 meeting and see if others see this as helpful. I
think considering the limited number of specs/code being tracked this may
be helpful as long as the code owners keep the table up to date.



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Hi Mohammad,
Thank you for sharing the links.
Can you please elaborate on columns of the table in [1]. Is [R] supposed to
be for spec review and [C] for code review?
If this correct, would it be possible to add [C] columns for already merged
specs that still have the code under review?

Thanks a lot,

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Neutron][ml2] Tracking the reviews for ML2
related specs

In order to make the review process a bit easier (without duplicating too
much data and without creating too much overhead), we have created a wiki
to keep track of the ML2 related specs for the Juno cycle [1]. The idea is
to organize the people who participate in the ML2 subgroup activities and
get the related specs reviewed as much as possible in the subgroup before
asking the broader community to review. (There is of course nothing that
prevents others from reviewing these specs as soon as they are available
for review.) If you have any ML2 related spec under review or being
planned, you may want to update the wiki [1] accordingly.

We will see if this will be useful or not. If you have any comments or
suggestions please post here or bring them to the IRC weekly meetings [2].



[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Tracking_ML2_Subgroup_Reviews
[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ML2

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