We're leveraging the scenario test of Tempest to do the end-to-end
functional test to make sure everything work great after upgrade,
patching, etc. And We're happy to fill the gaps we found. However, I'm a
little bit confused about the test policy from the scenario test
perspective, especially comparing with the API test. IMHO, scenario test
will cover some typical work flows of one specific service or mixed
services, and it would be nice to make sure the function is really
working instead of just checking the object status from OpenStack
perspective. Is that correct?

For example, live migration of Nova, it has been covered in API test of
Tempest (see
But as you see, it just checks if the instance is Active or not instead
of checking if the instance can be login/ssh successfully. Obviously,
from an real world view, we'd like to check if it's working indeed. So
the question is, should this be improved? If so, the enhanced code
should be in API test, scenario test or any other places? Thanks you.

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