On 2014-07-03 11:20:43 +0400 (+0400), Yuriy Taraday wrote:
> I mean other mirrors like we have in our local net. Given not so
> good connection to upstream repos (the reason we have this mirror
> in the first place) I can't think of reliable way to clean them
> up. Where can I find scripts that propagate deletions to official
> mirrors? Maybe I can get some idea from them?

Our official mirrors are "push mirrors" (Gerrit pushes every Git
update to them individually), so I don't think that's going to be
much help for your situation. Probably you could just run a cron job
to compare available remote branches and delete them for you locally
once they no longer exist upstream.

Keep in mind that this is nothing new. We already delete stable/*
branches when they reach end of support, so the policy change for
new proposed/* branches only really doubles the number of branches
we're deleting per cycle now.
Jeremy Stanley

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